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Our school motto is, "Home, School, Community." It is our mission to create strong relationships with home and community so that we are all working together to look after students who attend Somerset School. We continue to provide a safe and secure environment for all who enter. We believe a safe, caring and secure environment gives the opportunity to develop to full potential academically, socially and emotionally.


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We are fast approaching our annual Somerset Christmas Shopping Party!  In order for all students to make purchases for members of their immediate family, we will need to have over 1000 items in our “store”.  We are looking for new or ‘like new’ used items that are clean and in good condition.  In past years we found the following types of donations to be very popular:  jewelry, mugs, ornaments, games, toys puzzles, aprons, scarves, wall pictures, tools, stationary and children’s books.  We cannot sell home taped movies.  Items for Dads are always in shorter supply.  We need to receive all donations on December 13 or December 14 am.  We also need donations of wrapping paper, gift bags, gift tags and tape so that children can wrap their gifts before they bring them home.  (We also will need grocery bags to carry the gifts home.)